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Supervisors don’t know when P & Z report will be done

By Linda Wenger | May 29, 2013

The Washington County Board of Supervisors don’t know when the county’s Planning & Zoning Commission (P & Z) report on the impact of rescinding the zoning ordinance will be done.
At the end of Tuesday’s board meeting, zoning administrator Steve Lafaurie said the commission held four work sessions and the commission will hold a public hearing beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 30, at the Washington Public Library. Lafaurie said he would have the final report done in time for the June 11 supervisors’ meeting.
From the audience, Kay Ciha asked that the date be clarified. She thought the report was due June 4.
“June 4 was the deadline,” Supervisor Stan Stoops said.
Lafaurie said that he wanted to submit the report to the board in time for the June 11 meeting. Because the public hearing is only three business days before the June 4 meeting, he wasn’t sure he could complete the report, including the minutes of the public hearing and making any changes to the report as a result of the hearing.
“We gave two months,” Stoops said. “That was plenty of time. I’m not willing to renege on that.”
“Anybody want to have a discussion with Steve outside of here between now and then about the possibility of moving it up to the 4th then?” asked Ron Bennett, chairman of the board. “I mean we don’t want to sit here and argue about it.”
So no decision was made during the most recent meeting.
During a telephone conversation with Bennett Wednesday, he said the report will be on the supervisors’ June 4 agenda, but the report may not be ready. It depends on what happens at the public hearing, he said.
At the supervisors’ March 12, 2013, regular meeting, Supervisor Bob Yoder made a motion to give the commission 60 days to develop the report, which began a discussion on when the 60-day time limit would begin. Yoder had wanted the 60 days to begin Tuesday, March 12, but a motion to begin the 60 days on April 2, which is the date of the commission’s next meeting, passed unanimously. That would mean the report would be due Tuesday, June 4.

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