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The ISIS Situation

September 30, 2014
West Chester, Iowa

To the Editor:
They call themselves radical Islamists. If they are truly Islam, they would not kill Muslims.
Question: Where is the ground swell of objections from true Muslims against these thugs?
They rob everyone they find, people, companies, banks — with no regard for the depositors in the bank. Also, some people are funding them. Who and why are these people?
It seems no one can stop them. No one even tries. Why? The elephant in the room — the media refuses to recognize or report on — the people they are running over are not allowed to have guns. They are defenseless — sitting ducks.
This is the posture many of our politicians — including our president — want us to assume. They are not exactly saying that in plain English, but they want the people of the United States to be as defenseless as these people. That can be proven.
If there is any logic in this, it escapes me.
When Pearl Harbor was attacked, a Japanese general was asked why they attacked Hawaii rather than the United States mainland. His answer: “We knew better than to attack a country where 20 percent of the people had guns in their homes. …” If you watch our administration and others, they want us to have no guns, no ammunition — defenseless.
We CANNOT do that.
Tom Thomas