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Three charged

Investigation continues into meth arrests
By David Hotle | Dec 06, 2012
Two lab certified officers in protective gear search a vehicle that had been stopped on the square Wednesday afternoon, allegedly with a mobile meth lab inside. The stop was made by officers from three drug task forces.

Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman confirmed today that a search warrant served at 306 North Marion Avenue was connected to a mobile methamphetamine lab that was discovered on the Washington Square Wednesday afternoon.
According to police reports, Ronald Wayne Boileau, 50, of Washington, has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and three counts of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine. Kyle Joseph Boileau, 26, and Brianna Kay Hole, 23, both of Wayland, are charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. They made first appearances in Washington County court this morning. Washington County Attorney Larry Brock said his office would handle the case unless they are charged in federal court. He said conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine could be either a Class B or Class C felony, depending on the amount of meth found. A Class B felony can bring up to 50 years in prison. A Class C felony could bring up to 10 years in prison.   
“There was a search warrant done at Goncho Apartments,” Goodman said. “I have not reviewed what was found yet. There were items found. I don’t know if there will be additional charges as a result.”
He also said he didn’t know if charges would be filed on other people as a result of the warrant.
Shortly after noon Wednesday, officers working with the Washington/Louisa Drug Task Force, the Muscatine County Drug Task Force and the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforce-ment pulled over a vehicle in the 100 block of West Wash-ington Street in Washington — in front of the Washington Public Library — as part of a case they were investigating. Goodman said that Kyle Boileau and Hole were in the vehicle. He said as officers approached they allegedly discovered an active meth lab sitting on Boileau’s lap.
The area was contained. Washington Fire Department and Washington County Ambulance responded to assist with decontamination of Boileau and Hole at the scene. A shelter was constructed with tarps in the south side of Central Park. Both subjects were hosed off and given different clothes to wear.
“They changed the method for making methamphetamine,” Goodman said. “They are using cold capsules and cold packs. The chemicals are very volatile.”
Goodman said because of the amount of water used for the decontamination process, there is no threat of contamination in Central Park. He also said they were contaminated on the scene because of the risk of chemical contamination in a building or police unit if they were transported somewhere else for decontamination.
The new process of manufacturing meth, which Goodman referred to as the “bucket method,” can be done in a small space. He said a 20-ounce plastic soda bottle could be used for it.
Goodman said Ronald Boileau was arrested at his residence. Goodman said that details of further results of the case should be available in a few days.
Mobile meth labs are becoming more frequent, Goodman said. He said remnants of the labs — melted soda bottles — are frequently found in ditches. He said that during Orange and Black Give Back Day in the school district, students are no longer allowed to clean ditches because of the danger of finding the remains of a meth lab.
Also assisting with the investigation were: The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Johnson County Drug Task Force, and Wayland Police Department.

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