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Three stabbing suspects to be tried separately

By Andy Hallman | Aug 01, 2014

FAIRFIELD — Three suspects charged with robbing and stabbing a Fairfield man in April will have three separate trials as opposed to the joint trial initially planned for them.
The three defendants, Dustin Roll, 24, Dawn Dunn, 38, and Brett Hedblade, 44, all from Fairfield, are accused of assaulting and robbing Darren Goodwin, 24, on April 26. The three have pleaded not guilty to the charges of first-degree theft and willful injury causing bodily injury. The robbery allegedly took place at 901 W. Grimes Ave., where the defendants are accusing of pulling Goodwin into one of the apartments and assaulting him.
Goodwin was transported to Jefferson County Health Center emergency room for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.
Dunn’s trial is set for Oct. 7, while Roll’s trial is set for Nov. 4. Hedblade does not yet have a court date, although his trial must start before Sept. 16 in accordance with Hedblade waiving his right to a speedy trial on a limited basis.
According to the report filed by Fairfield Police officer David Wall, the three defendants assaulted Goodwin and stole his wallet and cell phone. Goodwin was left with multiple lacerations, stab wounds and a broken nose. Wall also wrote that Goodwin had been punched and kicked.
Roll, Dunn and Hedblade were initially going to be tried together on July 1. However, Dunn’s court-appointed attorney, Jeffrey Powell of Washington, asked the court to try the suspects separately because he felt it would be unfair to his client. In a motion filed June 6, Powell wrote that Roll and Hedblade made voluntary and possibly incriminating statements to Fairfield Police that implicated Dunn.
If the three were tried together, Roll and Hedblade’s statements would be admissible statements against them, but would be considered inadmissible hearsay against Dunn. Furthermore, Dunn would be unable to cross-examine her accusers in court unless Roll and Hedblade made the “unlikely” decision to testify on their own behalf. A defendant is protected under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution from being forced to be “a witness against himself.”
In addition to being charged with first-degree theft and willful injury causing bodily injury, Dunn is charged with criminal mischief. When she was taken to the Jefferson County Law Center on April 26, Dunn allegedly broke the placard holding pamphlets in the law center’s lobby.
The three defendants were all eligible for and received court-appointed attorneys. Roll’s attorney is Robert Breckenridge of Ottumwa, and Hedblade’s attorney is Les Lamping of Washington, Iowa.
Dunn and Hedblade initially demanded a speedy trial but changed their mind in subsequent hearings. Dunn waived her right to a speedy trial completely, while Hedblade waived his right to a speedy trial on a limited basis.

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