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Top 10 stories of 2012

By David Hotle | Dec 05, 2012

Is it December already? The last month of the year really snuck up on me. With Christmas, or at least the Christmas rush, happening earlier every year, it is no longer a good gauge for when the year is winding down.

This year, I actually selected nominees for the top 10 stories of the year relatively early. Finishing last week, the ballot is now running in the paper. With the year seeming to have gone by so fast, it was strange all that happened during the year. 2012 definitely came in like a lion and left like a, er.., lion.

The year started off with the Iowa caucuses and a slew of presidential candidates descending on Iowa like a swarm of locusts. It was also during January that Crawfordsville resident and Kalona business owner Sharon Hopf went missing. We were all happy when word came back that she had been located and was fine.

What’s more, there was a special city council meeting to discuss the financial straits that the city was in. These are all pretty big things. They all happened during the first two weeks of last year.

It is hard for me to say what the year will end with, as we still have about four weeks to go and, knowing Washington County, anything could happen. We recently had a murder trial in which rural Riverside man Thomas Hansen was found guilty of second-degree murder. Also, a Washington School District logo has been found to be a copyright violation – again.

We also had our lighted parade already this year, which, to me, is the real kickoff of the Christmas season.

Of course, I’m just pointing out a few things that happened over the last year. Trust me, a whole slew of things happened between those events.

The reason I bring these events up is because, as I said earlier, we are running our annual top 10 stories of the year contest. We are hoping everyone will take the time to fill out a ballot to select which will be the top story. Trust me, it only takes a few minutes and the ballots can be dropped off at The Journal office or mailed to us.

As usual, voters don’t have to limit themselves to just the stories we selected. If someone has a story in mind that didn’t make the list, please enter it anyway. We do count those.

I myself have some ideas of what I think was the top story of the year, but then I’m biased. I know what all went into bringing the story to the paper. This is not about me. I want to know what the readers feel is the top story. This is one of the best ways to do that. Don’t forget that the newsroom pays attention and tries to write additional stories like the one that wins, if possible.

So really, go to page 6 and fill out the form. We really appreciate all your help.

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