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United Presbyterian Church Women's Circles

Oct 29, 2012

The four circles of the United Presbyterian Women met during October. They continued their study of the general epistles using scripture from 1 Peter and 1 John.

Six members of Circle I met at the church on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at l:30 p.m. Mildred Houseal served refreshments. Co-leader Joyce Letts presided at the business meeting. She opened the meeting by reading “Highs and Lows.” She announced the PW Fall Gathering to be held Oct. 3.

Jeanette Miksch led devotions. The theme was “Love,” based on Samuel 25:1-44. From the Circle of Prayer she read a selection on “Patience.” Her selection from the Yearbook of Prayer was about Lithuania Christian College’s observance of Human Rights Day. Members gave a mission offering and also one for the corresponding missionaries. The group said silent prayers for the Paiva family in Paraguay. Esther Bordwell led the study of Chapter Two, “Dispatches to God’s Household, the General Epistles.”

Circle III met at the church on Tuesday, Oct. 9, with eight members in attendance. Members repeated the Purpose of Presbyterian Women to open the meeting. Leader Jane Fehr offered prayers of concerns and joy. Phyllis VanGerpen reported on a meeting with a Pakistani missionary from a school supported by the church. Marilyn Johnston led the second lesson in the study of the general epistles — this one on “Fatherhood.” Jane offered devotions from a devotional book "Tea Time with God" and from the "Yearbook of Prayer" about Russia.

Phyllis gave the missionary report including information from Woodrow Bussey in Tajikistan and a letter from the Callisons with whom she corresponds regularly. They are presently in Germany for health checkups but will be returning to Iraq soon to set up an English camp.

Members signed up for Thank Offering Sunday on Nov. 18. The meeting closed with prayer.

On Oct. 17 nine members of Circle IV met in the Campbell Room and were pleased to have two guests join them, Alberta Tedford and Suzanne Toussaint Riley (Dorothy Soucek's daughter). Dorothy was hostess for the meeting. Addy Sents opened the meeting with prayer. It was reported that Addy, Betty Beenblossom, Betty Colby and Joyce Letts attended the Fall Gathering in Vinton. A thank-you was extended to those ladies who cleaned the church kitchen and also to the Circle IV ladies who provided for the Brownlee birthday party.

Davida Nicholson read the "Niger News" from Tom Johnson. Aichatou, Tom's wife, is away for the next year doing her clinical rotations, so Tom has acquired many new responsibilities in addition to his normal routine. Kelly, a new teacher for the girls, finally arrived in September. She is from Elmhurst, Ill., and a 2012 graduate of Hope College. The group’s prayers go out to Kelly as well as continuing prayers to Tom and his family and ministry in Niger.

Janice Twinam began devotions with reading Luke 9:18-27. From the Mission Yearbook she reported on the "Awakening Gatherings" in Turkey that were started with the aim of gathering the churches and believers together and spreading the awakening throughout the country. It is largely a youth-organized movement allowing them to serve and express their faith. Janice then led a thoughtful discussion of the day’s lesson on "Understanding God as Father." Members remembered the many names for God found in the Bible and the many characteristics of God. The meeting closed with prayer.

Mary McCall was hostess to Circle V at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 16 at the church. Pat Johnson, assistant leader, opened the meeting with prayer and a poem “This I Know.” Members repeated the Purpose of Presbyterian Women. Roll call was “your father’s occupation and whether he was happy with it.” Circle V is responsible for the hymn/sing at Brownlee Health Center on Nov. 6. Dorothy Miller will be hostess for the regular meeting in November at 7:30 p.m.

Betty Colby’s devotions included information on World Food Day and an interesting reading, “Indian Summer.” Pat led the Least Coin and closed with prayer. Betty Colby led the study on “Fatherhood.” The members read the closing prayer in unison. Mary served refreshments.

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