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May 19, 2017

Dave Henderson recently returned from a fishing trip to his favorite fishing hole in Tennessee. Dave entered a Bass fishing tournament while visiting friends near the Tennessee Glades community. He didn’t catch any prize-winning fish but did manage to catch a three pound smallmouth bass and a 4 ½ pound Largemouth bass. Dave also attended Sunday church service and liked it so well that he returned for the second service just to hear the contemporary music with a Nashville twist. Dave always manages to find good food to eat while on his trips, this time checking out Spikes Sports Bar owned by a gentleman from Davenport. The Iowa connection was evident in the bigger-than-bun breaded tenderloin and the taco pizza that resembles the pies at Happy Joe’s.

Myron Shields traveled to Minneapolis for a long weekend visit with his son John and his family and to attend the confirmation ceremony of his granddaughter Emily into the Catholic Church.

Many mothers and their families attended the Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday in the Main Dining Room. A delicious buffet of food including prime rib and strawberry-rhubarb pie topped the menu for this special event. Flower deliveries for special mothers began on Thursday and lasted through the weekend.

Ann Thomas shared birthday doughnuts with coffee drinkers in the Town Center Monday morning. Ann reports that she enjoyed a wonderful birthday.

Marjorie Fullerton celebrated her 102nd birthday this week in the company of family and friends. Marjorie’s children were all three present for the celebration including her son Ron Fullerton of Hastings, Nebraska, Bebe McFarland of Ainsworth, and Jocelyn Morgan of Washington. Other visitors included in-laws, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Classics Et Cetera for May 18, included the overture to “Actaeon” by Marc-Antoine Charpentier; 4th Movement of String Quintet in C Minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; 1st Movement of Concerto for 2 Trumpets by Antonio Vivaldi; “Polly Wolly Doodle” performed by Shirley Temple; Selections from “Water Music” Suite No. 1 by George Frideric Handel; “Prestissimo Galop” by Émile Waldteufel.

London newspapers reported that King George I (1660-1727), along with many other Londoners, went up the Thames River in barges one evening in 1717 to be entertained with special music for the occasion by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), but there is no proof today of what music was played. What we know is Handel’s famous “Water Music Suite” fits the description in many ways, and it is generally agreed that it was the fare that evening. We know also that it pleased at least the King because he had the entire hour’s concert encored that same evening. It is still a favorite for symphony concerts today.

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