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Sep 13, 2013

Marjorie Fullerton enjoyed a visit from family members last week to include five generations of family present. Family members visiting included Marjorie’s daughter and her husband, Jocelyn and Butch Morgan, along with their family; Sue and Mike McGregor, of Davenport; Chris, Marisol and Jocelyn McGregor of Queen Creek, Ariz.; Elizabeth McGregor of Davenport; and Ann and Zachary Lovell of North Liberty. The family enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant and then back to Marjorie’s apartment for an afternoon of entertainment provided by 1-year-old Jocelyn McGregor. Jocelyn showed the family how she can walk when she chooses and crawl when she is in a hurry. It was a delightful day.

A group of volunteer grape pickers from the United Presbyterian Home joined other grape pickers at a vineyard near Keota on Monday to harvest some of this year’s grape crop. Larry and Sara Bartlett, Dave Henderson, Kathy Knutson, and Kitch Shatzer were among those who volunteered their time to aid the vineyard in the beginning process of wine making. They began picking before 7 a.m. and finished about 10:30 a.m. to avoid the heat and picked 60 buckets of white grapes during this time. Volunteers were given a light lunch and a little wine tasting in exchange for their help. Some volunteer pickers found the job so enjoyable that they returned on multiple days to continue picking.

Just inside the Health Center door exists a gnome garden where three gnomes live alongside frogs, turtles and snails in a woodsy area. It appears that the gnomes watch over the residents as they watch over the gnomes. The largest gnome is known as Gnomeo and seems to rule the garden domain. Gnomeo recently traveled with United Presbyterian Church members on a mission trip to Arkansas leaving Clyde in charge of the gnome garden while he was gone. Clyde was given instructions to keep watch over the residents and Shannon Bausch at the front desk during Gnomeo’s absence. Gnomeo e-mailed pictures of his work and travels and they have been posted on the bulletin board for everyone to follow his work and travels. Pictures of Gnomeo show him in the car as they cross the Missouri state line, and on the construction site of homes in Arkansas which were part of the mission work. He has been photographed on a wheelbarrow full of sawdust, working on a solar panel, tending to chickens and sitting on the front doorstep of his gracious host. It appears to have been an exhausting trip, as Gnomeo is now back at home in the gnome garden and sits peacefully at rest tending to his duties there.

Classics Et Cetera for Sept. 12 included the overture to “Werther” by Jules Massenet; “The Spinstress,” polka francaise, by Josef Strauss; 1st & 2nd Movement of Clarinet Sonata by Camille Saint-Saëns; Slavonic Dance No. 10 by Antonin Dvořák (transcribed for balalaika duo); “Put Your Shoes On, Lucy” performed by Russ Morgan and His Orchestra; 1st Movement of Violin Concerto No. 2 by Henryk Wienwiaski; “L’étincelle” by Louis Moreau Gottschalk; “Voice of America,” march by Karl King.

Josef Strauss (1827-1870), the second son of Johann Strauss I and the younger brother of Johann Strauss II, was called “Pepi” by his family and close friends, and was educated to be an engineer. However, like his brothers and father, he was a prolific composer of dances. Sickly most of his life, he suffered from fainting spells and intense headaches. In 1870, on tour in Poland, he fell unconscious from the podium. His wife brought him back home to Vienna, where he soon died at the age of only 42.


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