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United Presbyterian Home

Sep 19, 2013

Kathy Knutson made her second mission trip to the Arkansas area recently. She reports that each member of the group worked hard and learned new and interesting things about the construction and use of green/eco systems. Walls were built around straw bales, ceilings were insulated with rice hulls and a solar grid was created to collect energy. Refurbished items of stone and lumber were used to rebuild entry ways and walls which is also part of green construction. Kathy says that the while the work is rewarding, the best part of the trip is the opportunity to become better acquainted with those who she worked and traveled with.

Emory and Phyllis VanGerpen were pleased to have an overnight visit from their daughter and son-in- law, Ruth Ann and Dave Wolf of St Louis. They enjoyed pictures and videos as they discussed the latest news of their two great-grandsons, whom Dave and Ruth Ann had visited in Pennsylvania. They also had a fun time as they chatted about a great-granddaughter who is expected next month and a fourth great-grandchild who is expected later this year. A few days earlier they enjoyed a short stop-in visit from their son-in-law, Wayne Goedken, who was on his way home to Harlan, from a business trip to Dubuque.

Ron Fullerton of Hastings, Neb., visited his mother, Marjorie, over the weekend. Marjorie’s daughters, Jocelyn and Bebe, and their families stopped by to visit while Ron was here also. Marjorie says it was wonderful to have her family together.

The art display in the United Presbyterian Home Art Gallery features flora and fauna, a delightful assortment of animal life and flowers. Talented artists have expressed their love of nature in the paintings of cats, birds, horses, frogs and gorillas along with sunflowers, daffodils and cherry blossoms. Everyone should view this display.

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