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United Presbyterian Home

Oct 25, 2012

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, the Kerr Hall luncheon was held at the Frontier Family Restaurant. In last week’s reporting, it was inadvertently omitted that co-hostesses for the event were Ray and Carla Carter.

Nine members of the Book Club met in the Campbell Room on Wednesday to discuss "Keeping Time" by Stacy McGlynn. Next month they will discuss "Pardonable Lies," which is the third in the Maisie Dobbs mystery series by Jacqueline Winstear.

Murray and Pat Coon are enjoying a week-long visit from their daughter Jan Johnson who lives in California. Jan made the trip to Iowa to particularly celebrate Murray’s 80th birthday.

Classics Et Cetera for Oct. 25 included “In Autumn,” concert overture by Edvard Grieg; Concerto for 2 Trumpets by Antonio Vivaldi, transcribed for the San Francisco Saxophone Quartet; Prélude in C-sharp Minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff; “Ice Cream” played by The Jazz Incredibles; 2nd & 3rd Movements of Symphony No. 4 by Franz Schubert; “The Free Lance,” a march by John Philip Sousa

Those who knew Sergei Rachmaninoff (1871-1943) well, talk about his hearty laugh and his fondness for good food and wine. He also enjoyed the outdoors, especially that around his family’s estate near Moscow. This contradicts his image with some as being a rather dour classical pianist and composer. At a concert in Carnegie Hall with the famed Fritz Kreisler, the violinist was momentarily confused and whispered to Rachmaninoff, “Where are we?” Rachmaninoff whispered his reply, “Carnegie Hall.”

The remainder of this week’s news article is written from the perspective of the United Presbyterian Home resident house cat, Trouble, with the aid of one of his caretakers, Elizabeth Tschantz.

My given name is Trouble Alexander Frederick Fenton. I live here in the Health Center also known as my Paradise. I get to lie around all day wherever I want without a care in the world. I lay on the floor in the middle of the hall to see how far I can push people. They just walk around me or step over me. I don’t even have to move. They just think that I am lazy but really I am testing how much they love me.

I just walk up to someone when I have an itch and they scratch it for me without even having to ask. They let me lie on any bed I want, but the one with the fluffy white blanket is my favorite. I also like the room with the window that gets all the sun and looks out at the rabbits in the yard.

If I get up enough energy, I’ll go sit by the door and wait for someone to open it for me. I like to stroll out in the sun and listen to the birds and fall asleep until the big scary white van comes around the corner, then I have to get up.

I really like to play with the fish in the Activity Room and the belts they put around my friends. They are really fun to chase. I like getting treats from my friends but they sometimes make my tummy hurt. At night I go to my favorite place in the Activity Room. I finally get some peace and quiet. They let me chase the fish all I want and lay in whichever chair I choose. It is a wonderful place to live.

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