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Mar 14, 2013

Audra Williams celebrated her birthday in the Town Center last Thursday afternoon with residents and friends. Vic Thompson hosted the event and treated everyone to birthday cake.

In preparation of St. Patrick’s Day, Health Center residents made four-leaf clover paper baskets for the dining room centerpieces and filled each with candy. They also enjoyed green ice cream cones following the monthly resident council meeting. On Tuesday they toured Australia through their afternoon movie while sharing freshly popped popcorn.

Inclement weather has interfered with several activities for the last two weeks. This past Tuesday was no exception with the swirling snow and white-out conditions at times. For the first time in weeks, the United Presbyterian Church was able to host the Tuesday Lenten Luncheon as planned and residents were able to attend. It is a sign that spring is near.

On Tuesday Betty Beenblossom, Jackie Bower, Carolyn Dixon and Carol Ray drove to Mount Pleasant to see Barb Grimmer's art exhibit in the P.E.O. Building Gallery at Iowa Wesleyan College. Barb works in acrylic and oil paint as well as oil pastels. She specializes in landscape, still life and portraits, close to home as well as in various U.S. settings and recently, Ireland. The artist met the group at the gallery, talked about her work and answered lots of questions. After leaving the gallery they visited some new shops on and off the Mount Pleasant square and then ate lunch at Little Mexico, which was a nice contrast to the snowy weather that day.

Kathy Cuddeback is again offering Healing Touch Therapy to residents at the United Presbyterian Home free of charge. Healing Touch is a therapy that restores and balances energy in the body. The focus is on removing congestion stored in the energy fields of the body known as auras and energy centers known as chakras. The body experiences a relaxation as the muscles relax and circulation and blood flow increases. This promotes overall healing and a sense of well-being. Kathy will make herself available on Wednesday afternoons.

The creative and mathematical mind of dietary employee Jake Loomis is once again at work. Jake thought to make pie available to residents and staff on the mathematical equivalent date of March 14 (3.14). π, sometimes written as pi, is the mathematical ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is equal to 3.14159. Its decimal representation never ends and never creates a repeating pattern. So we find reason to celebrate on March 14 with pie or pi or π.

Classics Et Cetera for March 14 included the overture to “Maria di Rohan” by Gaetano Donizetti; Andante from Piano Trio No. 43 in C Major by Joseph Haydn; 1st Movement of Symphony No. 1 in E-flat Major by 9-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; “South Rampart Street Parade” performed by the South Shore Circus Band; Final selections from Act III of “The Sleeping Beauty” by Tchaikovsky; “Skating,” fast polka by Josef Strauss.

Eight-year-old Mozart (1756-1791) was taken as a child prodigy to England by his father, Leopold, after touring much of Europe including the French court. As usual he was a hit and became friends with the 29-year-old composer Johann Christian Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach’s youngest son. They played harpsichord sonatas together, sometimes with the boy in Bach’s lap, even alternating measures and taking turns at developing fugues to the amazement of their listeners.

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