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Apr 18, 2013

Week of the Young Child was celebrated April 15-19. This is an annual celebration to focus public attention on the needs of young children, their families and the caregivers of young children. Up with Kids Day Care packed many activities into the weeklong celebration.

Children wore their favorite hats on Monday and modeled them to residents. On Tuesday, children brought their favorite books from home and volunteer residents stopped by in the morning to read to the younger children. The Washington High School FFA students visited on Wednesday bringing along a menagerie of animals for the residents and children to pet and cuddle. There were rabbits, baby pigs, a dog, lamb and a young calf. Thanks to FFA members Alexey England, Tehya Holmes, Bridget Nebel, Joceline Spenner, McKenna Brinning, Macy Marek and Sarah Greiner for loading up all of the animals and bringing them in to share. It is always a highlight with the children and the residents. Children wore their favorite pajamas on Thursday and paraded through the Health Center modeling their fashions. They also displayed their artwork in the Washington Public Library and the UPH basement gallery.

Winnie Porter was joined by her son, Randy Porter, and daughter Jane Hobbs for a birthday lunch in the Main Dining Room on Tuesday complete with flowers and cake. Randy is from Omaha, Neb., and has been visiting his mother since Sunday. Jane lives in West Chester.

Residents gathered in the Parlor on Tuesday morning to plan a volunteer work schedule for the care of street corner flower gardens which had been taken care of by Bob Toland in the past. Bob was very dedicated to the beautification of the United Presbyterian Home flower gardens and grounds as well as the entire Washington community. It is in Bob’s honor that residents will strive to uphold his legacy by continuing to care for the flower gardens on campus. There will not be a flower that blooms without Bob’s presence in all thoughts and hearts. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help with this project.

Kerr Hall residents enjoyed dinner together in the Main Dining Room on Tuesday. Jim and Joy Bennett and Hank and Elna Tompkins were chairpersons for the event.

Monster cookies were offered in the Town Center on Tuesday afternoon. The dietary staff has been consistently providing treats on a weekly basis as residents congregate for coffee in the Town Center.

Norma Hall was the honored guest at an impromptu piano recital in the Health Center on Wednesday. Norma has all four of her daughters visiting this week: Sara Hansen from Bellingham, Wash.; Sandy Stanley from Waverly; Sue Sinnwell from Belmond; and Peg Litchfield of Washington. Musically talented, Sara played the piano for all to enjoy.

The maintenance crew was feeling very fortunate Wednesday morning. For months now they have been working on the addition of a new larger generator that will be able to power the entire Main Building. They waited through shipping delays, weather delays and parts that should have arrived and didn’t. Residents were patient as power was interrupted a couple of times in order to switch the operation over. With one more power shutdown scheduled before making the switch complete, and severe storm and lightning warnings issued, electrical crews and maintenance personnel arrived early to speed up the final installation process. Fifteen minutes after the new generator was complete, a loud boom was heard followed by a flicker of darkness and then instant electrical power from the new generator proving that it will work when needed. Sometimes events happen in one's favor. WOW!

Myron Shields celebrated his birthday in the Town Center on Thursday morning sharing treats with for the coffee club crew gathered there.

The Classics Et Cetera program for April 18 included the overture to “Masks and Bergamasks” by Gabriel Fauré; Nocturne No. 6 for 2 portable organs, strings & winds by Joseph Haydn; Sonata for Piano, 4-Hands by Charles Gounod; “Chicken Reel” by Leroy Anderson; Finale of “The Organ Symphony” by Camille Saint-Saëns; “Happy We!” from “Acis and Galatea” by George Frideric Handel; “Drake Relays,” march by Karl L. King.

Commissioned by England’s Royal Philharmonic Society, the 3rd Symphony (“The Organ Symphony”) of Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) was premiered in London in 1886, a year before it was heard in his home city of Paris. Perhaps the finest musical work of his life, Saint-Saens never attempted another symphony, although he lived another 25 years. He stated “With it I have given all I could give. What I did I could not achieve again.”

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