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Jun 03, 2013

The four circles of United Presbyterian Women held their meetings in May.

Five members of Circle I met at the church at l:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7. Co-leader Joyce Letts served refreshments provided by Betty Zwicki. Later Joyce presided at the business meeting. She read a thank-you note from the moderator for the preparations Circle I made for the salad luncheon on May 1.

Joyce announced the next PW gathering. It will be a 9:30 coffee on June 5. Circle I will arrange the program. A guest speaker will talk about quilts.

A mission offering was received and also one for HACAP. Members said silent prayers for Wendy Paiva and her family, missionaries working in Paraguay.

Norma Beauchamp led devotions. She spoke about the Lake Huron Presbytery in Michigan and the work people there are doing to help those in need. From the Circle of Prayer book, she told of a New Zealand writer who encouraged women who are discouraged and weeping.

Pat Bagley led the study, Chapter 8 in “The General Epistles.” She closed the meeting with a reading, “The Love and Peace of God.”

Circle III met at 9 a.m. May 7, at the church with seven members attending. Leader Jane Fehr opened the meeting with a reading from “Tea Time with God” followed by prayers of joys and concerns..

Phyllis VanGerpen led the lesson “Brothers and Sisters in Harmony” with Scripture from 1 John and Jude. Bernice Fehr presented devotions and Least Coin references. Phyllis gave the missionary report. She noted that the Callisons, who serve the Kurds in Iraq, will be in Iowa the third week in July.

Mary Case will lead the Brownlee hymn/sing on June 4. The next meeting of Circle III will be at the Fehr home on June 11 with a review of each of the lessons. The meeting closed with prayer.

Seven members of Circle IV met on May 8, in the Campbell room at the UP Home with Kay Hall as hostess. Addy Sents opened the meeting with prayer. It was agreed to keep the same officers for the new year. Circle IV was in charge of the hymn/sing at Brownlee Health Center on May 7, and refreshments for the Brownlee birthday party on May 15. Davida Nicholson reported on the letter from Tom Johnson who (along with his three daughters) is in Oskaloosa on a year-long furlough from Niger. He has been continuing his studies and has now received his certificate of Christian studies. He has visited seven reformed churches and women's groups and is very encouraged by their support.

Janice Twinam began devotions with Scripture telling of Jesus’ feeding the 5,000. From the Yearbook of Prayer she chose the Presbytery of Muskingum Valley, Ohio. There is a church of 99 members who are making a difference (MAD) by supplying food and clothing for needy children, collecting monthly for the HEIFER project and collecting and distributing Christmas gifts to families in need. Addy had Lesson Eight, “The Bad Seeds,” concerning false teachers and Antichrists who caused doubt and discord among the faithful in the early church. There followed much lively discussion as to who might be considered false teachers or Antichrists in our world today. The meeting closed with prayer.

Maxine Martin was hostess to nine members of Circle V at the church on Tuesday, May 21, at 7:30 p.m. Jean Wells, leader, opened the meeting by reading “The Most Important Gift.” Roll call was answered by “plans and memories of Memorial Day."

The coordinating team will be hostess for the Annual Gathering Coffee including installation of PW officers on June 5.

Officers for Circle V for 2013-14 will remain the same: leader, Jean Wells; assistant leader, Pat Johnson; and secretary/treasurer, Wilma Wright. Members signed up for hostess, study and devotions for the coming year. There will be a change for next year’s meetings. They will all be evening meetings at 7 instead of 7:30.

Pat presented Least Coin and Wilma gave devotions. Pat told of storms in New Guinea, mud slides and loss of life. She offered prayer. Wilma also offered prayer and read a number of poems concerning God’s many blessings.

Vivian Griffith lit the Christ candle and led the lesson. False teachers spread doubt and discord among the faithful as to the relationship of God to Jesus Christ. Members offered prayer in unison.

Maxine served a variety of finger food refreshments that were enjoyed by the members.

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