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Oct 29, 2013

Four circles of United Presbyterian Women met during October.

Six members of Circle I met Oct. 1, in the UP Church library at 1:30 p.m. Norma Beauchamp served refreshments. Co-leader Pat Bagley opened the meeting with a poem “On the Wings of a Prayer” by Helen Steiner Rice. Co-leader Joyce Letts continued the meeting with announcements about the PW Fall Dessert on Oct. 9 and the Brownlee birthday party Oct. 16. Four members volunteered cupcakes, napkins and a fruit drink.

Esther Bordwell made a brief report on activities of the circle's missionary family, the Pavias in Paraguay. Members gave an offering for general missions and also one for missionaries who correspond with the circles. Pat reviewed Chapter Two of the study book, "An Abiding Hope."

Circle III met at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 8 in the church lounge. Eight members attended. Leader Jane Fehr opened the meeting with prayer and members said prayers for joys and concerns.

Mary Case led the lesson titled “God's Call to Serve.” It was the story of Moses and the burning bush. Members learned that the Hebrew word for worship also means to serve. The group discussed Moses' call to serve, and members sympathized with his feeling of bring unworthy.

Jane gave devotions and mentioned ways that others have been called to serve. Phyllis VanGerpen gave an update on the Callison family, missionaries whom Circle III supports. Jane reported that two women from the Washington PW went to the fall workshop in Bettendorf, and four women helped clean the church kitchen ovens. Both are ways to help and support the mission of PW.

Circle III was hostess for the Fall Dessert on Oct. 9. Vivian Griffith decorated the tables and Jane and Thelma Wagner provided the pumpkin bars. Deb Helmick ran the dishwasher and everyone helped serve.

Future meetings include Thank-Offering Sunday on Nov. 24, Brownlee birthday party Nov. 20, and Christmas Tea Dec. 4. The meeting ended with prayer.

Betty Beenblossom was hostess to eight members of Circle IV as they gathered Oct. 9, in the Campbell Room at the UP Home. The group greeted Lois Holland and welcomed her as a new member.

Addy Sents opened the meeting with prayer. Janice Twinam began devotions with the reading of “All Saints Day.” The Westminster Confession describes saints as those who are “united to Christ and united to each other in love."

Janice asked, “Whom do we think of as saints?” From the Mission Yearbook she told of the plight of the Syrian people. Thousands are fleeing from their homes to become homeless or refugees, aliens in other countries. Hundreds more, Christian and non-Christian, are being killed while churches burn and innocent people are terrorized. They ask for prayers that God will intervene, bring peace, and protect life.

From the Least Coin Circle of Prayer, Janice presented the lesson of Ruth and Naomi crossing boundaries and overcoming human restrictions. She led the lesson “God's Call to Service.” God called Moses, but he felt inadequate and that he had no clear identity. He was born a Hebrew, raised as an Egyptian and felt like an alien. Janice asked members, “When did you leave home? Where did you go? Did you feel like an alien?” She reminded the group of God's promise in Exodus 3:12, “I will be with you.” The meeting closed with unison prayer.

Jean Wells was hostess to seven members of Circle V at the church at 7 p.m. on Oct. 15. Jean opened the meeting with Scripture from James 1 to 3. She read from "Daily Living" by John McArthur. Seven members answered roll call with “My Best Halloween Memory."

Maxine Martin presented devotions from Romans 8-14. In those times, for warmth and closeness they used the word “Abba” for father and “Thee and Thou” for you. Maxine closed with prayer. Jean read “Testimony of a Widow from Cambodia” for the Least Coin offering.

Plans were made for the memorial service for Laura Luckey on Sunday, Oct. 27. Circle V furnished salads and workers for the meal. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 2:30 p.m. Circle V is responsible for the Hymn/Sing at the Brownlee Health Center at the UP Home . Also, Circle V is responsible for the program at the United Presbyterian Women's tea at 12:30 p.m on Dec. 4.

Wilma Wright led the study. Hebrew workers were mostly older men, as Pharoah had ordered all male babies of the Hebrews to be killed. Moses saw a Hebrew worker being beaten, so he killed the Egyptian. He left Egypt, married Zipporah, and became the one to lead his people to “the land of milk and honey.” God talked to Moses at the burning bush and told him "I will be with you.” The meeting closed with unison prayer.


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