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Mar 05, 2014

All four circles of the United Presbyterian Women managed to meet in February despite the weather. However, the Birthday Luncheon was postponed to Wednesday, March 12. It will be held at the United Presbyterian Church at 11:45. Women should bring their own table service and a dish to pass. Circle V will furnish dessert. The program will be on Women of the Church.

Three members of Circle I met at the church on Monday, Feb. 20, at 1:30 p.m. Co-leader Joyce Letts opened the meeting with a poem, “Life.” She announced the World Day of Prayer at the First Baptist Church on March 7. The Spring Workshop will be held in Iowa City on April 26. Members made plans for the Health Center birthday party.

Joyce led devotions. From the World Book of Prayer she read about Honduras and the work mission teams are doing in the mountains. From the Circle of Prayer she quoted an Australian writer who wrote, “God's words are worth much and cost little.”

Members gave an offering for missions and also one for Operation Backpack. Esther Bordwell was study leader. She reviewed Chapter 5 of the study book, “An Abiding Hope.”

After several delays and a cancellation due to inclement weather, Circle III met on Feb. 25 with five members attending. Marilyn Johnston served as leader during the absence of Jane Fehr. She opened the meeting with prayer and a reading about native Americans in Albuquerque, N.M.

Eleanor Waring presented Lesson Five. Scripture for the lesson was from the 15th chapter of Exodus, a reminder of God's providing faithfully for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Marilyn let devotions with information about conditions in Nicaragua. Phyllis VanGerpen presented a mission report with information about the Callisons in Kurdestan. Local people there requested a camp to learn English. A group of American youth will go there next summer to help with such a camp. Marilyn closed with prayer.

Janice Twinam was hostess to one guest and eight members as Circle IV met on Feb. 12 in the Campbell Room at the United Presbyterian Home. Addy Sents opened the meeting with prayer. Kay Hall read the minutes. Members donated money to Least Coin, Operation Backpack and general mission.

A letter from Tom Johnson of Niger told of working to spread the good news of Jesus through translating the written word into native languages by the use of electronics. Esther Hess gave devotions with a reading of the 23rd Psalm along with meaningful commentary and scripture.

Dorothy Soucek gave Lesson Five “God Provides” from the study this year titled “An Abiding Hope.” Today as when His people wandered in the wilderness, God still provides for the needs of His children. How do we as a church do God's work by reaching out to help God's children? Who are the migrants in our community and how are they being served? How can we better serve them? The meeting closed with responsive prayer.

Jean Wells was hostess to five members of Circle V at the church on Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. She opened the meeting by reading “Going by Faith,” a reading from 1 Corinthians and following with prayer. Members answered roll call with “something about Valentine's or a winter experience.”

Betty Colby gave devotions, which included information concerning several South American countries. She also gave interesting readings: “Signs of Hope,” Psalm 147:1-11, and “God's Gifts to us.” She closed with prayer. Jean agreed to be leader for the Hymn/Sing at the Home's Health Center on March 4.

Maxine Martin led the lesson “God Provides.” Following the Israelites' escape from Egypt, Moses led them to the wilderness. There was much complaining. They wanted water and food, which God provided. Maxine closed with a responsive prayer. Jean served delicious refreshments.

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