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Mar 26, 2014

All four circles of the United Presbyterian Women met in March and the Birthday Luncheon was held as well.

Five members of Circle I met at the church on March 4 at l:30 p.m. Co-leader Pat Bagley opened the meeting with a quote from Mother Teresa. Co-leader Joyce Letts announced the World Day of Prayer at the First Baptist Church on March 7 and the Birthday Luncheon on March 12. A UPW workshop will be held in Iowa City on April 26 at the First Presbyterian Church.

Betty Zwicki led devotions. From the Yearbook of Prayer, she read about the Sierra Blanca Presbytery of southern New Mexico and the problems they are having. From the Circle of Prayer, she read the Biblical story of Jethro's daughter. She closed with a poem, “I Know Something Good about You.”

Members gave a mission offering and also one for Camp Wyoming. They said silent prayers for Wendy Paiva, Circle I's missionary in Paraguay.

Norma Beauchamp and Esther Bordwell reviewed chapters six and seven from the study book, “An Abiding Hope.”

Circle III met on March 11 at the church with six members attending. Marilyn Johnston, leader in Jane Fehr's absence, opened the meeting with prayer. Prayers of joys and concerns followed.

Deb Helmick and Marilyn offered prayer and lighted the Christ candle prior to presenting Lesson 6 with Scripture from Exodus and Deuteronomy.

Phyllis VanGerpen presented devotions with information about a camp in the East Oklahoma Presbytery. Many campers and counselors have been ordained to ministry and mission work. The East Oklahoma Presbytery maintains a close relationship with Malawi. Phyllis ended devotions with prayer.

Phyllis gave a mission report originating in Louisville concerning Barbara Busse's music ministry in Tajikistan. The Callisons may have to leave their post in Iran due to terrorism.

The circle will meet on April 8 to study Lesson 7.

Circle IV met March 12, at 9:15 a.m. in the Campbell Room at the United Presbyterian Home with Kay Hall as hostess. Nine members attended and welcomed guest Ruth Zehr. Julia Gamon opened the meeting with a poem about spring by Sara Teasdale. Julia and Addy Sents represented Circle IV as greeters at the World Day of Prayer on March 7. Betty Colby of Circle V was part of the program.

Kay read the minutes and treasurer's report. She announced that reservations for the Spring Workshop on Saturday, April 26, need to be in to her by April 16.

Davida Nicholson read Tom Johnson's letter from Niambi, Niger. He is teaching a class there and taking a class in an Arabic-based local language.

Dorothy Soucek shared devotions with readings of “The Stone That Rolled Away” and “No Alleluias for Lent,” both thoughtful for this season as we look forward to Holy Week and Easter.

Janice Twinam led Lesson 6, “Becoming Holy People.” The Israelites had a covenant with God that included the Ten Commandments and other rules and laws. They learned that obedience is the proper response to God, but God is a forgiving God. His people are chosen by God but are free to choose to accept Him. The meeting closed with unison prayer.

Maxine Martin was hostess to five members of Circle V at her home on Tuesday, March 18, at 7 p.m. Guest Alice Edgin was welcomed as a new member.

Leader Jean Wells opened the meeting by reading from “Daily Reading” including Luke 15:7 and “Lost Sheep” including Luke 15:4. She closed with prayer.

Maxine gave devotions from the Presbytery of the Pines. The mother of a Magnolia, Ark., church member lived in Nikom in Camaroon, Africa. The daughter and others gathered money for a church building in Nikom as a memorial to her mother. They used African manpower to build the church.

Mary McCall will be hostess at the church on April 15 at 7 p.m. Members are to bring paper products for Lending Hands.

Circle Five is responsible for the Brownlee Birthday Party on April 16. Maxine, Pat Johnson and Alice will bring cakes. Wilma Wright will furnish punch and Betty will furnish the napkins.

Pat led the study. God delivered the Hebrews out of Egypt with Moses as leader. They worshipped God in the wilderness and accepted a special covenant offered by God.

The group shared a closing prayer. Maxine served tasty refreshments around her dining room table.

Fourteen ladies met on March 12 for the Birthday Luncheon that had been postponed due to bad weather on Feb. 5. Betty Colby, vice-moderator, presided and gave the opening prayer as the Christ candle was lit.

Attendees enjoyed a potluck meal with Circle V providing the birthday cake. The group sang “Happy Birthday" to Deb.

Kay presented the treasurer's reports for the last three months. She told of gifts for the four missionaries, payment of the pledge to Presbytery and disbursements for local mission projects. Attendees gave the Birthday Offering which Betty explained will go to the Blue Corn Mothers' Alliance in Albuquerque, N.M.

Announcements included the following: The sewing group has given out 10 large lap robes. Ties with the Brazilian Church have ended. Circle One will disband in June and all other circles will welcome their members. The May Salad Luncheon and Guest Day will be May 4. Kay needs reservations for the spring workshop and numbers of study books to order by April 16.

Janice, representing Circle IV, was in charge of the program, “Women and the Church.” She led a discussion of the roles women have and are currently holding in the church. Women serve as ruling elders and also as teaching elders in the Presbyterian Churches. The group compared duties and salaries of male and female teaching elders. All shared their church backgrounds.

Kay gave the devotions telling of Miriam as a woman and her relationship with her people and her God. God does punish for wrongful actions.

The meeting closed with members reciting the UPW Purpose as the Christ candle was extinguished.


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