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United Presbyterian Women's Circles

Jul 01, 2013

The four circles of United Presbyterian Women held their meetings in June. They will not meet again until September.

Six members of Circle I met at the church at l:30 p.m. on June 4. Co-leader Pat Bagley served refreshments and later opened the meeting with a reading titled "Angels.”

Circle I was responsible for Brownlee birthday treats on June 19. Members volunteered to bring napkins, cake and punch.

Joyce Letts led devotions. From the World Book of Prayer she told about work that presbyteries in Minnesota and Wisconsin are doing to help victims of a tornado in northern Minneapolis. From the Least Coin booklet she read “A Woman’s Kindness” by an author from the United Kingdom. She closed with a poem “What Prayer can Do.”

A mission offering was received and also one for Pure Water for All. Members said silent prayers for the Wendell and Wendy Paiva family in Paraguay. Jeanette Miksch led the study from the last lesson in the book “The General Epistles.”

Circle III met at the Fehr home on June 11 with nine women attending. The meeting opened with the reading of “The Purpose of PW” and prayers by leader Jane Fehr. Each of the nine lessons from the year’s study book was reviewed by its original presenter.

Thelma Wagner presented devotions. Phyllis VanGerpen, mission correspondent, reported that the Callisons, missionaries to northern Iraq, will be at the church on Sunday, June 23, to present a video about their work.

Prior to receiving the offering, Thelma reported that mission money would go to Pure Water for All, which is based In Washington, and has provided pure water all over the world.

In the fall, the group will change the meeting time from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The meeting closed with prayer followed by refreshments offered by the Fehrs. The group viewed photos of Jane’s recent trip to Scotland.

Jane Cuddeback was hostess to eight members of Circle IV on June 12 as they gathered in the Campbell Room at the United Presbyterian Home. Julia Gamon opened the meeting with the poem “Forgetfulness” by Billy Collins. Members who attended the May salad luncheon reported enjoying Carolyn Bollman’s excellent presentation on quilts related to the Underground Railroad.

Missionary Tom Johnson related to Davida Nicholson in his latest letter that his sabbatical is now over. He will be visiting churches during the month of June. He asked for prayers for Niger where there continues to be so much violence and conflict.

Jane gave devotions by reading Psalm 96 and telling of the assistance given by the Presbytery of Ohio Valley, Ind., to victims of tornados in the area. God’s abundant love was evident in the work of the response of the teams who helped clean up, repair and rebuild. She told of past mission trips taken by groups from the UP Church and possible future trips.

Jane also led the study and discussion of Lesson Nine, “Brothers and Sisters in Harmony.” She asked, “How do we stereotype?” and “Whom do you regard as a brother or sister in Christ?” The meeting closed with unison prayer.

Vivian Griffith was hostess to seven members of Circle V in her home on Tuesday, June 13, at 7:30 p.m.

Jean Wells, leader, opened the meeting by reading “View of Forgiveness” and prayer. Roll call was “What are your summer plans?”

Vivian presented devotions with readings from “The Shelter of His Wings” and excerpts from the Bible. Pat Johnson read The Least Coin and included “Living Waters” information. Maxine Martin reminded the group of the visit to the church by Dr. Bernie and Dr. Nora Farsyana. They are missionaries in Indonesia and are both professors in the seminary there.

Betty Colby led the lesson. She lit the Christ Candle and led the reading of many parts of the Bible which teach of the greatness of God’s love for his people. She closed with unison prayer.

The group enjoyed seasonal refreshments provided by the hostess and also enjoyed visiting together.

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