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Vandals damage Lincoln Elementary playground

Damage to slide is estimated at $3,000 for replacement
By Xiomara Levsen | Mar 15, 2013
A vandal or vandals destroyed the circular slide at Lincoln Elementary School earlier this week. Damage is estimated at $3,000.

Students at Lincoln Elementary School won’t be able to use one of the slides.
On Wednesday, March 13, Lincoln Elementary principal Dave Hoffman was notified of the vandalism.
“Someone pounded and broke the top layer of the slide,” Hoffman said. “The problem is the slide is 14 years old. They don’t make the pieces to that slide anymore, so we can’t substitute a piece in for it. We’ll have to purchase a whole new slide.”
Hoffman said the estimate to replace the slide is around $3,000.
“We’re hoping to have it replaced as soon as possible,” he said. “We do have insurance but there is a deductible.”
Since finding out about the damage, the school has tried to keep people away from it. The ground has been so wet the students have been kept away from that part of the playground.
Yesterday tape was put around the slide but when Hoffman came to school today it was gone.
“Someone took the tape off of it yesterday,” Hoffman said. “Now we’re going to put up plywood in front of the slide.”
Hoffman said the school has had previous incidents of vandalism.
“We’ve had little things like people writing on things with marker and broken tree branches,” he said. “But nothing like this.”
Hoffman filed a police report with Sergeant Lyle Hansen at the Washington Police Department. Hansen said this type of vandalism surprised him.
“We’ve never had a problem with any of the school playgrounds,” Hansen said. “They get high traffic, and kids use them to play on over the weekend.”
Hansen said the Washington Police Department would be increasing the patrols after school.
“It’s obvious that someone did this deliberately,” he said. “It probably happened on one of those cold days, which is why the plastic cracked so much.”
Hansen said this type of vandalism would be considered criminal mischief. Both he and Hoffman hope that through word of mouth they find out who did the damage to the slide.

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