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Volunteers help PAWS & More

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 13, 2017


Volunteers assist the PAWS & More animal shelter with several items throughout the day that the staff may not get to otherwise.

“A lot of times people come here and walk dogs and that’s very helpful because after cleaning all morning you’re tired and taking the dogs out for a walk is a nice way for them to get out,” said Tammy Geyer, PAWS & More volunteer coordinator. “We want them to get out but sometimes it’s a quick walk. It could be longer.”

Volunteers will also do community service projects for the animal shelter. At the beginning of July food was donated to the shelter. Geyer knew she couldn’t move the food herself, so she posted on the shelter’s Facebook page asking for assistance.

“And they just showed up and they helped out,” she said.

To volunteer, children must be 10 years or older and take a class taught the fourth Sunday of the month by Geyer of what is safe to do around the animals, she said. They can work with cats but won’t be able to walk the dogs until they’re older or are with an adult.

Adults must take the course offered the third Sunday of the month before volunteering. Geyer also teaches them about safety around animals and discusses other volunteer projects they can do if they don’t want to be around animals, she said.

“We have people do gardening for us,” she said. “We have people just do cleaning for us. We have one kid who is working on his Silver Cord hours and he’s here cleaning in the mornings and helping out.”

Geyer knows without the volunteers’ help, the animals wouldn’t get as much attention as they need.

“If we have 200 animals on site, how are we supposed to find 20 minutes for each one?” Geyer asked. “The youth volunteers have been very good with the cats in that sense because right now we have so many.”

Katie Lucas, Layla Tedder and Lily Tedder are some youth who just started volunteering at the shelter

Usually, you’ll find them in the cat area petting the cats or singing to them.

“We socialize them and help them get personalities,” Lily said. “I like to go to the kittens first.”

Lucas said she also learned about how not to spread diseases from animal to animal.

“We have to wash our hands before going into each cage, so the germs don’t spread,” Lucas said.

They plan to keep coming to volunteer the

The volunteers will come the rest of the summer and during the school year, they said.

Rhonda Walters has volunteered at the shelter for six years.

“I do quite a variety,” she said. “I’ve kind of been designated the handyman. I live on a farm and do a lot of stuff, so I started doing things that might need fixing — replacing doorknobs and fixing door jambs.”

She also does a lot of cleaning but really volunteers because of the animals.

“To know that dogs and cats are here and spend so much of their time in a pen that really bothers me,” Walters said. “Just to be able to get them out or go sit with them a little bit and give them a little loving — it’s just a good purpose.”

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