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Washington archers aim high

By Derek Helling, Sports Editor | Mar 25, 2014
Photo by: Derek Helling The Washington Archery Club high school team pictured here has qualified for national competition held in Louisville, Ky. in May 8-10. The back row going from left to right is John Sands, Ryan Waite, Alex Sinn, Jade Wells, Jacy Chalupa, Cody Chalupa, Grace Shafer-Smith, Nic Willers, Joseph Dalziel and Connor Frame. The front row  is Levi Black. Not pictured are Alex Kleinmeyer, Carolan Hoffman, Mackenzie Miller, Lance Mills, Caleb Bex, Trejve Karugo, Chloe Schlatter, and Bryce Brinning.

The second year of competition for the Washington Archery Club is coming to a close, and it’s been one in which all the participants have hit their targets. To celebrate, families of the archers got together in the commons of Washington High School on Saturday, March 22.
Among many of the accolades recognized were the highest shooters for the season for each gender in each division. In the elementary girls’ division, the high shooter for the season was Maddie Bergen-Osborne with 600 points. For the elementary boys it was Ethan Scheef with 1,165 points.
The Washington Middle School girls were led on the season by Hannah Frame with her 874 points as the middle school boys were led by Mitchell Driscoll with his 1,304 points.
For the high School boys the season’s high-scorer was Ryan Waite with 1,362 points.  In the high school girls’ division the leader was Jade Wells with 1,312 pts.
Recognized for being selected all-state archers in the elementary group were Scheef, Kaden Bex, Olin Wells and Hunter Shultz. All-Staters for the middle-schoolers were Driscoll, Cody Mellinger,and Dalton Applegate. The entire high school team was given All-State honors.
In addition to distributing awards, the club announced at the banquet that for the first time ever, the high school team has qualified to compete at the national level.  The national competition is held in Louisville, Ky. May 8 through May 10 and will feature nearly 11,000 archers from across the nation.
“Our 3,199 points that we scored at state put us in the third tier out of five tiers at the national level. We need to raise about $6,500 for 26 of us to go down to Louisville. Anyone who would like to be a part of our fundraiser can contact any member of the club for more information,” head coach Jolleen Cerka said.
Cerka says that at the national competiton, archers will be firing arrows at the traditional bull’s-eye targets along with three-dimensional representations of animals.
As part of its fundraising efforts, The Washington Archery Club is going to be giving the general public an opportunity to try the 3D shooting on April 12 and 13 at Clemons Creek. For more information about the event, interested parties can contact the Washington Archery Club.
The archery program is a budding activity as it comes to the close of just its second year. With the support of the community, the club’s members should be encouraged to aim even higher.

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