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Washington council seeks public’s input on community goals

Nov 09, 2017

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


While a public hearing at the Washington County Council meeting Tuesday evening regarding the council’s goal setting process that will begin soon only brought one comment — that Washington should have a drive-in movie theater — the council still hopes for the public to be part of the process.

Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said the council is looking for public input on the goals the city should be pursuing and feelings on what issues that need to be addressed in Washington over the next two years. On Tuesday evening he said there had been about 40 responses to the survey.

“Council will take matters up in a workshop and respond to all the surveys we receive,” Mayor Sandra Johnson explained while saying council members would not discuss issues with people giving input.

Hinson said Wednesday that an online survey has been set up for Washington residents to give their feedback to the council. The survey can be reached by going on the Internet to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/washgoals17. A paper copy of the survey is also available at City Hall, the Washington Public Library and the Washington Chamber of Commerce.

In the survey, the public will be asked to list the city’s significant accomplishments, specific issues that impact city services, projects the city should consider and what the city’s top goal should be over the next three to five years.

The end date of the survey will be Nov. 21. Hinson said the survey should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Hinson said the goal setting workshop will be facilitated by a consultant this year. In the past, input has been gathered through citizen focus groups or by sending surveys to specific people in the community.

The goal setting session is the first step toward the annual budgeting for the coming year.

Hinson said the goal of the process is to use the goal setting process to get all the council members on the same page. Hinson said incoming council members Elaine Moore and Fran Stigers would be part of the goal setting workshop.

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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Dec 12, 2017 14:20

Foundation sports new logo, revitalized website

Greater Jefferson County Foundation has updated its logo and website.

The old logo was designed as a sunburst and in use since the 1990s. The new logo, designed by board member Josie Hannes, depicts a young leaf, with the caption “The Greater Jefferson County Foundation: Sprouting Growth.”

The organization’s web address is www.greaterjeffersoncountyfoundation.org. Its new home page denotes the who, what, why and how of the foundation and its mission statement and allows for easier viewing. Also included on the website are both online and printable grant applications.

The Greater Jefferson County Foundation was founded May 1, 1975. The original donation was from the sale of the Bethany Home. This facility provided shelter for elderly people and young women who needed a place of comfort from abuse and homelessness. It was located on the west side of North Main Street across from the Jefferson County Courthouse. The proceeds were $75,000 and this became the seed money to establish the fund.

The original charter was to place any donated funds into certificates of deposit in the banks of Jefferson County. In the mid 1990s, Susan Williamson’s family was ready to make a major donation in the form of scholarship funds with the restriction that funds received by the Foundation would need to be invested in equities, either mutual funds or individual stocks.

The foundation board met and realized the opportunity for additional growth in the form of donations as well as market growth of the funds. The board approved this decision and since that time, exceptional growth, under the stewardship of Dr. William C. Baumann, as financial ex-officio, has provided a strategy that exceeds the benchmark of many other community foundations in the state of Iowa.

Two major areas are the focus of the foundation. Both of these channels have had wonderful support of the donors to the foundation.

The first is providing grants to the nonprofit organizations of Fairfield and Jefferson County. In 1999, the grant total was $47,000 and in 2017 it reached a high total of $157,000. The annual grant period of the Greater Jefferson County Foundation begins May 1 and ends 4 p.m. June 1. Both online and printed grant applications are available on the new website.

The second is scholarships to Fairfield High School and surrounding school district graduating seniors. This scholarship program began in 1988 with a donation of $20,000 and has grown to be in excess of half a million invested dollars. In 2017, the foundation awarded 28 named scholarships totaling nearly $100,000. Although many scholarships are need-based, other criteria include specific fields of study, like medicine, agriculture, business and education. Applications are available through the FHS counselor’s office and deadlines for submission are March 15, 2018.

Memorial Donors of significance to these two channels include Charlotte Hammans, The Ralph Perry Trust, Richard Harness, The Thoma-Williamson Family, The Robert & Evelyn Gamrath Family, Mildred Ferguson, Lee T. Gobble, John Jackson, Scott & Edith Jordan, Ella Adrian, The Witkosky family, the Harold Turner family, Jean Dahl, Agnes Parcell and many others.

The Board of Directors of the Greater Jefferson County Foundation is made up of 15 volunteers who serve two three-year terms. Executive officers include president, vice-president, executive secretary and treasurer. Committees consist of finance, capital/operational grants, scholarships, public relations, nominations and by-laws.

The organization has three ex-officio positions of finance (Dr. William Baumann), legal (John Morrissey) and public relations (Dave Neff), with one administrative assistant part-time employee. Two board meetings are held annually, as well as independent committee meetings.

Present board members are President Tim Kuiken, Vice-President Arvin Bogaards, Treasurer Nancy Horras, Executive Secretary Tami Kramer, and Marty Gleason, Greg Lowenberg, Renee Rebling, Angie Atwood, Nelson Anderson, Tammy Dunbar, Josie Hannes, Lori Stever, Kara Waugh, Frank Redeker and Sim Buckley.

The foundation office is located downstairs at the Fairfield Dental Clinic. For many years, Pete Nelson donated space at the Nelson Company, but in 2014, because that space was needed, the office was moved to the Dental Clinic building.

The mailing address is P.O. Box 1325, Fairfield IA 52556 and the phone and fax number is 472-0758. Email is gjcf0758@windstream.net.

Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Dec 10, 2017 17:22
Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Dec 04, 2017 03:07
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