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Washington County Genealogical Society

May 21, 2013

The Washington County Genealogical Society met Tuesday evening, May 7, at the Washington Public Library with 24 in attendance. The program "A Spaceship has Landed on Earth and it Comes from Us" was presented by Joanne Breen.

Joanne moved to Washington in 2011 and is a part-time resident here. She and her husband worked at the Kennedy Space Center for many years. She illustrated her talk with slides and a video of the space station. She told about the history and purpose of the space program.

There were five orbiters, the Columbia, the Challenger, the Discovery, the Endeavor, and the Atlantis. The first flight was the Columbia on April 12, 1981, and it landed two days later. It flew 28 missions. The Challenger flew 10 missions. The Discovery flew 39 missions. The Endeavour flew 25 missions and the last one, the Atlantis, flew 32 missions. She described the center located on 140,000 acres. She listed the six Iowa astronauts, which included one woman. There were a total of 355 individual fliers on the NASA space shuttles. They made 20,952 orbits around the earth. The space shuttles launched satellites and the Hubble Space Telescope. They also made a mission to the Russian Mir. Space experiments were conducted and there were many missions to the Space Station. The Atlantis made the final flight for the Space Shuttle Program.

Joanne served samples of space ice cream and distributed literature about the space missions. She also gave all in attendance a space bag commemorating 50 years in space. This was a very enjoyable program. No business meeting was held.

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