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Washington County Riverboat Foundation sets dates for grant presentations

By Xiomara Levsen | Apr 17, 2014

The Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF) set the dollar amount and dates for the spring grant and the mini-grant presentations Wednesday evening.
WCRF Vice President Mike Driscoll led the meeting Wednesday evening.
“We will have a committee meeting on May 6, just the spring grant committee,” Driscoll said, “and, if everything goes well, we plan on being able to present grants May 21 at the casino.”
The WCRF will give away $1 million at the spring grant presentation, Driscoll said.
The mini-grant applications would be due on June 18, Driscoll said. The applications for the mini grant will be available at the beginning of May.
The date and location suggested for the mini-grant presentation was July 16 at the Riverside Casino, Driscoll said. A motion was made to approve the dates for the spring grant awards and the mini-grant awards. The motion was approved unanimously.
There was a brief discussion about the upcoming decision from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission for the proposed casino in Cedar Rapids Thursday.
Several of the board members are concerned about the effect on the Riverside Casino if the proposed casino is approved in Cedar Rapids.
“It’s just unfortunate that eight years ago the gaming commission gave Riverside this business model for a 150 million dollar resort complex casino with a golf course, a spa, meeting facilities, the gaming floor, a convention center, and then eight years later talk about pulling that business model right out from underneath them,” Driscoll said. “To me I can’t comprehend that. How you invest that kind of money with that business model and then have someone come along, five people come along, and say, no, we’re going to take that business model from you, is very tough, so hopefully the good—we’ll see what happens.”
WCRF President Patty Koller and WCRF board member Ed Raber were in Council Bluffs awaiting the decision from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission on the proposed casino in Cedar Rapids, Driscoll said.
Also, approved at the WCRF meeting were grant extensions, which include: the City of Brighton for the fire department addition until Oct. 1; the City of Washington for monument restoration until Dec. 1; the City of Wellman for restroom renovations at the city park until Aug. 31; and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Riverside for steeple restoration until Oct. 1.
The next WCRF board meeting will be held at Riverside Casino on May 21 at 6 p.m.

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