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Washington doctor faces charges

By Xiomara Levsen | Jan 29, 2014

The Iowa Board of Medicine has filed charges against a Washington doctor.
Lynette I. Iles, M.D., has been charged with professional incompetency and violation of a confidential evaluation order, according to the statement of charges from the Iowa Board of Medicine.
The first charge, professional incompetency, alleges Iles has shown willful or repeated malpractice; willful or gross negligence; lack of knowledge or ability to discharge professional obligations within the scope of the physician’s or surgeon’s practice; substantial deviation from standards of learning or skill ordinarily possessed and applied by other physicians or surgeons in the state of Iowa acting in the same or similar circumstances; failure by a physician or surgeon to exercise in substantial respect that degree of care which is ordinarily exercised by the average physician or surgeon in the state of Iowa acting under the same or similar circumstances; and had a willful or repeated departure from, or failure to conform to, the minimal standard of acceptable and prevailing practices of medicine and surgery in Iowa, according to the charges from the Board of Medicine.
The second charge, violation of confidential evaluation order,  alleges Iles failed to do a physical, neuropsychological, mental health and disruptive behavior evaluation.
Iles was ordered by the board to undergo the evaluation within 30 days after Aug. 23, 2012, and has failed to do so, the board alleges. She was ordered to do an evaluation because of continued concerns with prescribing medication and after she voluntarily gave up her obstetrics privileges in Washington on Aug. 24, 2010, after a hospital investigation of care and quality concerns with her obstetrics practice.
The statement from the board said it recently reviewed 23 patients who received obstetrical care from Iles. It alleges Iles violated the standard of care repeatedly for numerous patients in Washington from 2005 to 2010. Some of the violations included: failure to document patient weights during prenatal visits; failure to appropriately manage patients delivery, including but not limited to the inappropriate use of a vacuum extractor; misinterpreting fetal heart rate strips for multiple obstetrical patients and failure to provide adequate treatment, which included further evaluation or obstetrical consultation when needed; and failure to monitor at least one patient who had elevated blood pressure following delivery.
There wasn’t a lawyer listed representing Iles against the charges from the Iowa Board of Medicine. She has been asked to appear before the board at a disciplinary hearing from April 3 – 4 in Des Moines at the Iowa Board of Medicine’s office. She will have 20 days after the hearing to file an answer to her charges and whether or not she would like a continuance for another date and time of hearing.

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