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Washington Police Chief warns of scams

By David Hotle | Jul 03, 2017


Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman reported recently people seem to be getting scam phone calls more frequently and he wants to remind people to take care when they receive a call promising a deal too good to be true.

Goodman said there are many different types of scam phone calls, including calls claiming to offer inexpensive services, calls from the Internal Revenue Service, and calls where people pretend to be relatives of the person receiving the calls. He said people receiving calls that appear suspicious need to take time to check them out to make sure the calls is legitimate before moving ahead with anything that would involve sending money or releasing confidential information.

“If it doesn’t seem right then don’t follow through with it,” Goodman said. “There are a lot of scams where people are asking for information. There are scams where people ask for money. These types of things don’t work that way.”

Goodman recommends in situations like this, people get a phone number to call the person back, which will give a chance to verify the call. He said most people don’t fall for scam phone calls, but scammers come up with new ideas all the time. He also said entire passwords or PIN numbers should not be given out over the phone.

“Pay attention to what they are saying and don’t just send people money,” Goodman said. “Don’t give people your information. it is very critical.”

A recent scam reported nationwide is a call, allegedly from the Department of Homeland Security and demands the subject verify his or her information.

The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t use a hotline number to make outgoing calls. Another recent similar scam reported is that a subject is called allegedly by the FBI and told they are under investigation for a federal crime and if they don’t pay a fee immediately, they will be arrested.

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