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Washington softball clinches title

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 09, 2013
The team takes a celebratory photo after they clinced the conference title on Monday, July 9. The team beat Fort Madison in the first game 12 to 9. The second game the team won 10 to 8. Head coach Angie Shrader said the team was very focused on winning the conference title and not just tying for it.

The Washington softball team had something to celebrate last night. They clinched the district title winning both games against Fort Madison.
“We’ve won conference titles back-to-back, which is something Washington hasn’t done,” Washington head coach Angie Shrader said. “I’m proud of them for fighting through each game.”
The first game began was scoreless until the third inning forboth teams, Shrader said. It was during the third inning that Washington scored 10 runs and Fort Madison scored three.
In the fourth inning Washington answered back to Fort Madison’s three runs with a run and a hit, Shrader said.
It was during the sixth inning that Washington gained another run and had two hits, Shrader said.
Maddie Bohr set the tone for the batting during the first game with three hits, Shrader said. Ashley Rausch batted two doubles and Kaitlin Buchholtz batted one double. Both Sammy Ellingson and Steph Fishback batted one single. Joni Erwin and Kolbi Breard batted a single and a double. Grace Redlinger batted a single and a homerun in the fourth inning.
“We had 14 hits altogether,” Shrader said.
This helped them win the first game with a score of 12 to 9.
In between the two games the team changed its focus from tying for the conference title to winning it, Shrader said.
“They were excited because they knew they were tied for the conference title but didn’t want to share it,” she said. “They wanted to win the title.”
The team started out strong with the score being 7 to 0 until the fifth inning, Shrader said. Fort Madison came back with three runs and eventually tied the game up in the seventh inning.
However, Fort Madison couldn’t contain Washington’s power at the bat. Bohr batted a triple, which scored, Shrader said. Both Ellingson and Erwin batted a single and had a RBI. Rausch had a single and Mackenzie Knutson pinched ran for Rausch and stole second base during the inning, which led to another run. Fishback had a RBI but got out running to base, Shrader said.
Washington won the second game 10 to 8.
Unlike last year, the girls were able to celebrate winning the conference title right away, Shrader said. Last year the girls were done a playing a week before the other teams in the conference were so they had to wait.
“It was a much better situation to play the game this year,” Shrader said. “It was more exciting for us because we were able to win it for ourselves.”
Now the team will focus on regionals. They won’t play their first game until Saturday night but will have a non-conference game against Cedar Rapids Prairie on Wednesday, which will be good practice for the girls, Shrader said.
The team won’t know until Saturday who they’ll face. It could be Fort Madison again or Keokuk.
“Either team will be a challenge,” Shrader said. “It doesn’t matter who we play, Fort Madison or Keokuk, because they’ll come ready to play.”
Saturday’s game will be different for the team because they will have to win in order to advance further in the regionals, Shrader said. The game will be in Washington at 7 p.m.

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