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Washington upsets Solon Tuesday

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 24, 2013
Janelle Erwin Washington softball player Joni Erwin celebrates from third base after hitting a triple, which led to the Demons scoring three runs in the first inning. The Demons would stay on top against Solon, 6 - 1.

Fort Dodge — The Washington Demon softball team probably pulled off the biggest upset at the state tournament on Tuesday afternoon in Fort Dodge. They beat No. 3 ranked Solon with a score of 6 – 1.

The game heated up right away in the first inning with three Washington players scoring. Maddie Bohr hit a fly ball out to left field; Kaitlin Buchholz hit a single, which got two runners on base. Emma Wood came in to pinch run for Ashley Rausch, who got on base. Stephanie Fishback came up to bat and hit a single. Then Joni Erwin hit an RBI triple and brought Bohr, Fishback, and Buchholz in to score.

This put Washington on top three to nothing at the end of the first inning.

At the beginning of the second inning Solon’s Ali Herdliska would score one run. This would be the only run Solon scored all the whole game.

Jenny Buchholz, who pinch ran for Kolbi Breard, would score another run in the bottom of the second inning to bring the score to 4 – 1, with Washington still on top.

It wasn’t until the fourth inning that Washington would score again. Chayse Jaspering was first at bat and hit a fly ball out to second base. Bohr did a bunt and got on base. Sammy Ellingson sacrificed bunted and got out at first but not before Jaspering and Bohr advanced to second and third base. Kaitlin Buchholz hit a double RBI and it allowed Bohr to come in and score, putting Washington up 5 -1.

Rausch hit a single and ran to second base. Buchholz ran home to score the final run of the game, making it 6 – 1.

Solon just couldn’t answer back to Washington’s defense and wasn’t able to score again.

In the fifth inning Solon’s Monica Bevans pinched hit for Holly Hinkel. Bevans hit out to second base. Mallory Madsen would hit a fly ball out to centerfield, which was promptly caught by Washington’s Ellingson for the out. Alyssa Rickels hit a single out to right field and Grace Redlinger threw to Bohr to force the third out.

Washington wasn’t able to get on base in the bottom half of the fifth inning. Both Redlinger and Breard struck out. Jaspering hit a fly ball and it would be caught for the third out.

During the sixth inning Solon tried to score but was held by Washington again.

Kara Misel would hit a ground ball out to second base and Bohr would tag her at first base for the first out. Herdliska would hit a ground ball out to shortstop and Redlinger would throw to second base, forcing another out. Solon’s Riley Ogden would be walked by Rausch to get on to base. Emma Rickels would also get on base. Ogden would take third. Emily Ira hit a fly ball, which was caught by Ellingson, and this would be the third out for Solon.

Bohr would be first to bat for Washington and began by hitting a single. Ellingson would sacrifice bunt, which allowed Bohr to take second base. K. Buchholz hit a ground ball and made it to first base. Bohr would advance to third base. Rausch grounded out to first but was tagged out at the base, which was Washington’s third out.

In the seventh inning Solon’s Bevans began when she pinched hit for Hinkel. Bevans hit a ground ball to shortstop, which was picked up by Washington’s Redlinger and was thrown to first base. Breard would tag Bevans out for the first out. Mallory Madsen would hit a ground ball to second base. Bohr would throw the ball to Breard and get another out. The final out would come after Rickels bunted and Buchholz threw the ball to first base for the out.

This was the end of the game. Washington finished the game with 12 hits and Solon only had five hits. Washington Head Softball Coach Angie Shrader said this was a big accomplishment for her team because Solon had led with their team batting average at 0.436.

“It was kind of nice to shut them down,” Shrader said. “I was excited for the girls because they deserved it. We came out and accomplished our task and did what we needed to.”

Today she reminded the girls what their main objective is, which is to bring home the state title.

“At practice I told them to forget the Solon game,” Shrader said. “They had last night to celebrate. Now it’s time for them to focus on the next game against Carlisle.”

Washington will take on Carlisle Thursday, July 25, at 5:30 p.m.

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