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Wayland amends budget, sets hearing

By Trisha Phelps | Apr 22, 2013

WAYLAND– The Wayland City Council approved a budget amendment for fiscal year 2013/14 budget and set the public hearing date for May 15 at 7:30 p.m.
The city is amending the budget for the income for charges for service. The total budget as certified or last amended had $1,074,545 listed as the projected revenue, but the current amendment has the amount being reduced by $182,882. The amended amount is listed at $891663.
The miscellaneous revenue and other funding sources are increasing by $237,000, giving the total revenue an increase of $50,472 from the certified budget to bring the amount to $1,850,524.
In expenditures, the budgeted amount for community and economic development nearly doubled, going from $38,000 to $75,740, an increase of $37,740.
Capital projects are projected to decrease by $111,060, from $156,432 to $45,372.
The beginning fund balance was also amended, increasing $84,778 from $1,163,355 to $1,248,133.
The ending fund balance also increased with the amended budget. The balance increased from $952,913 by $138,711 to a total of $1,091,624.
In unfinished business, Mark Johnson made a request to the council that his property in the 1500 block of 185th street be connected to the city’s gas system.
This is not the first time Johnson has made this request to the council.
“I came and visited last fall about hooking up to your utility and we wanted to wait and see if a more normal winter would show up. I don’t know if it did or not. Maybe it was a little more normal than before. So I’m here again to ask for service,” said Johnson.
Johnson said he is one half mile off of the current service line.
There are three houses, one shop and two hog buildings on the property that Johnson said would like to hook on to the gas system.
“We use about 8,000 to 9,000 gallons each year on propane,” said Johnson, referring to the use of propane in the hog buildings. “I don’t know what the houses would use. I think this year we maybe used 500 of propane on our house.”
The council decided to do some research, figure out a cost, and get back to Johnson in Johnson in 30 days.
The council also:
• discussed the Wayland Industrial Park east infrastructure plan and funding.
• approved a motion to send Bev Conrad to Clerk’s Academy training, July 24-26 in Ames.
• approved building permits in the 200 block of West Front Street and the 500 block of East Main.
The next city council meeting will be held on May 1, at 7:30 p.m. at city hall.

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