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Wayland looking toward the future, will advertise for city employee

By Trisha Phelps | Aug 08, 2014

WAYLAND – The city of Wayland is preparing for the future and facing the reality that it two public works superintendents Barry Leichty and Randy Morrow will one day retire.
“Our town is rowing and we know that our current employees will retire in the next 10 years, so we want to pass along their knowledge and experience,” said City Clerk Bev Conrad, explaining why the city will soon be accepting applications for a full-time public works employee.
Conrad noted that the city hopes to fill the position in mid-October.
Qualifications for the position include residency within five miles of Wayland’s city limits, must be able to acquire Iowa DNR certifications for water and wastewater utilities and have a valid Iowa driver’s license with CDL preferred.
“I don’t want to put wages out there because that would depend on us talking about it and the person’s experience,” said Conrad at Wednesday’s city council meeting. “I know a lot of places don’t include wages on their help-wanted ads unless they have a set schedule for that, so I think it’s okay.”
Leichty did recommend one change to the potential help-wanted ad that was presented to the council for review.
“I’d require airbrakes with their CDL,” said Leichty. “That’s what they are going to be doing, so it should have that on there.”
There was concern from the council about if legally the ad could require a minimum age of 18, but City Attorney Mike Vance reassured them that wouldn’t be a problem.
“If there is going to be driving for the city, then they are going to have to be 18,” said Vance. “It would be okay to put that if that’s what is required.”
Vance also informed the council of a potential problem he saw arising in the near future regarding a different matter.
“I’m kind of hitting you all cold with this,” Vance said during the meeting, “but your problems with certain people that look like they are going to head into court are going to cause a disqualification from me.”
Vance explained that because he is a magistrate judge in Henry County, he cannot represent the city in magistrate court.
“We have the county attorney that could do it, they aren’t really enthused about doing it, but they could do it,” said Vance. “I now have an associate in my office. If you want to do that, that would be something you could do. The mayor would simply have to make that designation.”
The council also approved building permits for:
Scott McNevin, 300 block of East Front Street.
Victory Lane Adventures, 200 block of West Third Street.
Ron Scarff, 300 block of South Washington Street.
The next Wayland City Council meeting will be Aug. 20, at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.

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