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Wayland takes a STEP

By Trisha Phelps, GTNS News Team | Apr 10, 2013

WAYLAND – Wayland’s Police Chief, Ron Roth, will be taking part in the Iowa Governor’s Special Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) which will help him better understand the traffic patterns as well as provide funding for equipment.

“It’s a good program,” said Roth. “I was in it one other time. That’s when we got the camera for the squad car.”

This time Roth is hoping to put the money towards new radar.

“I can get a new radar out of the STEP program, and I do need a new radar,” said Roth.

“They really do need a new radar,” agreed City Clerk Bev Conrad.

“It’s a good program and it gets me out in the street a little bit more,” said Roth.

The extra hours out in the street will come in the form of overtime hours, which the state will reimburse the city for.

“The city will pay me overtime, and then I will mail my check stubs into the state, and the state reimburses the city for it,” explained Roth.

According to a letter from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau about STEP, up to $4,800 in funding can be used for overtime work and/or for needed and approved equipment, such as a new radar.

The purpose of STEP, according to the letter, is to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities in Iowa.

“It’s a good program. You go out and you count traffic and there is a list of criteria that you have to go through and count,” said Roth.

Some of the items on the list that he would count would be how many people are wearing seatbelts and citations issued during the program.

“Is it mainly for seatbelts?” asked council member Melinda Ullery.

“No, it is for everything. You get a checklist that you have to fill out. I think there are only five things on it.” said Roth. “It’s for seat belts, speeding, stop


signs, everything.”

When asked about the timing of the program, Roth was unsure of the start date.

“STEP will come between these particular dates and that is when I would concentrate on them and start counting, but they haven’t told me when,” said Roth.

According to the letter, the earliest STEP would begin would be in November.

“I would still work my regular shift,” said Roth. “The overtime would have to be paid separately because that has to be sent into the state. They match everything for overtime.”

The council members also:

Approved sending Randy Morrow and Barry Leichty to Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities conference May 8-9.

Discussed getting signs and landscaping for the city parks.

Awarded the contract for pumps and piping for the water main project to Krudico.

The next city council meeting will be April 17 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.


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