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‘We have a lot to do’

City council amends committee resolution
By David Hotle | Dec 05, 2013
Washington resident Susan See addresses the Washington City Council Wednesday on proposals to help beautify the community.

Instead of moving to reconsider the resolution forming the Neighborhood Pride Enhancement Committee, as was listed on the agenda, Washington City Council member Bob Shepherd simply offered two amendments to the resolution.
Shepherd said the resolution, which was approved by the council last month at a meeting Shepherd attended by phone, had a few items he wasn’t comfortable with. He said the overall resolution was good, but he simply wanted to address a few issues in it. Before the meeting, Shepherd handed out a section from Robert’s Rules of Order showing the process for amending the previously adopted resolution to change part of the text.
“My proposal is that we adjust sections three and four of the original,” Shepherd said. “I’m very supportive of the concept. There are just a few areas I was uneasy with and this addresses it.”
He said that the first adjustment would be to change a section that included reviewing the committee during the budgeting process, to reviewing the committee for the budget when the committee has a potential project. Any other funds the committee receives will be held in a separate fund. Shepherd said this is the same arrangement the city has with the tree committee.
The other change was for the committee to select their nominee for committee chair, which will be submitted for mayoral appointment and council confirmation each year.
“I’m proposing this because I think the committee needs to have the person they can work with best,” he said.
Council member Fred Stark said that he agreed with Shepherd on the amendments. He seconded the motion.
Council member Bob Shellmyer asked if Shepherd felt one year was sufficient for the chair. He said that he would have preferred two years, but would vote to allow one year. Shepherd said that one year was a good way to start and after that the committee could make its own decision.
“By going with a year, you have a better flow for change if it is necessary,” Shepherd said.
Stark said the resolution originally included an indefinite term, which he said he wasn’t comfortable with.
The resolution was approved unanimously.
During the public comment section of the meeting, resident Susan See, a longtime proponent of a cleaner Washington, listed the things she saw in people’s yards during her 12-minute walk to the former library for the meeting. They included old mattresses, recliners, two couches and a television. She also saw at least six cars or trailers parked in someone’s yard.
See recommended the council work to get information on city requirements to citizens, for the city to followup on complaints, and to start a fund to help people clean up their properties.
“I appreciate all the committee has done so far through the city,” she said. “I hope it will continue, because we have a lot to do.”
In other business, the council:
• approved amending the city’s personnel policy to allow sick leave to be donated to immediate family members;
• approved a service agreement with Impressions Custom Computers; and
• Shellmyer said that he had been asked to address problems outside of meetings with the city administrator. He said that he had done this and was not satisfied with the results. He recommended six areas for the council to consider at future meetings to determine if the city needs policies in the areas. The areas include a council computer policy, a council seminar policy, a city land sale policy, the reviews of the city’s administrator, clerk and attorney, a policy for parking construction vehicles downtown, and a policy on code enforcement.

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