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Weapons used in group fight

Four charged after police broke up altercation
By David Hotle | Aug 19, 2013

Three adults and one minor face charges related to an altercation with weapons that occurred early Thursday in the 300 block of East Washington Street.
The police log supplied by the Washington County Communications Center shows that Trevon Fenton, 19, of Washington, faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Terry Arshun Randle, 33, of Washington, faces charges of disorderly conduct and going armed with intent. Donta Dmichael Lindsey, 30, of Washington, faces charges of going armed with intent and disorderly conduct. Juvenile Jamouri Shontez Stringer faces charges of disorderly conduct.
According to court reports, Washington police officers responded to reports of a fight at 304 E. Washington St., at about 3:30 a.m. Thursday. Reports were that a golf club and a machete were involved. On arrival, officers found Lindsey and Randle in the parking lot. Randle had three knives in his pocket.
When asked what happened, the report said that Randle told officers that he saw a subject who had gotten punched. He said the two were walking to a business and the knives were in case he ran into the subject who had punched the other subject. He said that they ran into Stringer and Fenton, who began yelling at them and trying to start a fight. Randle said that he had pulled out two of the knives. He said that  Stringer and Fenton had run to a nearby store and grabbed weapons. He said at one point they threw a rock at him and it hit him in the side. Lindsey said that Stringer and Fenton had assaulted him earlier. He said that he took a broken golf club from Stringer and began swinging it at him.Dispatch reported that the subject who was punched had decided to press charges. The victim said that Fenton was the one who punched her.
A clerk at the nearby business said that Stringer and Fenton were yelling at Lindsey and Randle and trying to start a fight. She said that Stringer and Fenton had run at Lindsey and Randle, then came back to the store. She stated that Stringer had grabbed a fire extinguisher, but put it back. She said he then took a stick and broke it to use as a weapon.
Officers spoke with Fenton, who said that “two grown men came up to me and my cousin and we whooped the (deleted) out of them.” He also admitted he had thrown a piece of concrete.
A video from the business showed Randle waving around two of the knives and Lindsey wielding a broken golf club.
“In the video it appears all four male subjects are engaged in violent behavior in public,” the report said.

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