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Well treatment is a success

Sep 07, 2017

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


While the Washington City Council learned Tuesday the improvement project on Well 6 will cost $24,000 more than previously anticipated, the need for the additional money may be a good thing.

During the regular meeting, the council learned that a recent project to increase the flow of Well 6, which is being recused, had worked better than anticipated. Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said an acid cleaning of the well had raised the capacity from 300 gallons per minute to over 650 gallons per minute. He said the capacity had increased to the extent that a stronger pump is needed for the well than previously anticipated.

“While it is an additional amount of money, it really is a big positive,” Hinson said. “We discovered after we got everything up and running after the acidization that we were producing a high enough level we could go with a larger motor.”

While technically there were four elements to the $60,000 change order, the council had approved the other three at earlier meetings. These included the acidization, and a project to slightly narrow the well.

Hinson explained that instead of a 120 horsepower motor, the well was producing enough water to warrant a 125 horsepower motor. As a result, the output to the water plant will be higher. Hinson said the hope is to install 125 horsepower motors on all the wells at some point.

On July 10, the council approved $43,000 for an acid cleaning of the well after it was reported following a recasing project of the well had lowered the capacity of the well from 600 gallons per minute to 300 gallons per minute. At the time, it was reported the acid treatment would improve the flow, but would not restore the 600 gallons per minute.

Hinson said there is an outstanding issue with the contractor regarding the hours that are billed that will come to the council at another time.

Washington has three wells that supply the city’s water. Well 6 had been taken offline in July 2015 after issues were discovered with the casing. It was temporarily recused and brought back into operation in March 2016 as a result of Well 7 being declared inoperative, as a means of supplying the water needed for the city.

It was announced in August 2016 that all three wells were operational and that Well 6 had a pump and motor in it that were installed as a temporary measure.

The total amount the city paid to get the wells in service was over $500,000.

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