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What is the truth?

By Pastor Harald Gruber, Faith Baptist Church | Oct 25, 2013

Often when I talk to people about the Bible, I get interesting reactions or responses. I am either told or get the impression that they believe that the Bible is an antique volume of interesting things that are not relevant or worthwhile today. Even the Bible knows that there will be that kind of thinking. It puts it this way, "... the way of truth will be slandered. They traded the truth about God for a lie.” As a result I always find it interesting when what the Bible has to say is illustrated in our world.

The Bible is not only a look at our world from God’s perspective, but has a lot of very practical advice. God created man, and knows and understands how he functions. So something like the book of Proverbs, is full of practical advice. It gives that advice based on how we are as humans. It is just as helpful today as the day it was written.

Here is something that is striking me more and more in the day in which we live. “O how terrible for those who confuse good with evil, right with wrong, light with dark, sweet with bitter.” It will not only be terrible for those who take that perspective. If they have an influence on others it is a cancerous growth in our world.

What started me thinking about this is the government shutdown which we just went through. Again and again there was talk about the deficit. The truth is, we get rid of the deficit by doing a balanced budget, spending not being more than income. Very simple. The truth is that we can always decrease the deficit but still increase our debt, if we do not balance our budget. The truth is, raising the debt ceiling does not take care of our financial crisis in the long run. It just puts us deeper into debt.

So what’s the point? Too often when something “political” is brought up, we discuss or argue about the political issue. We deal with our allegiances and presuppositions rather than staying with the issue and asking, “What is the truth here?” That is true when I mention “religious” things to people as well. The talk goes to “religion” rather than the truth. The truth is that no matter what, there is a something we can trust and depend on. It has nothing to do with opinions, perceptions, experiences, or our definition of what is right or wrong.

The bottom line is that we can depend on the King of the universe. When he finished creating it all, he looked at it and said, “This is very good!” If you have ever created, or made anything, you know how attached you feel. He is the same with us. The relationship with us is his primary concern. We were created for that most important relationship, with a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine. The question is, are we willing to look at and accept what He has done to put us into the “...everything is very good,” that he said at the beginning.

Jesus has the same passion and he was willing to give his life to pay the debt that we owe God to be put into a relationship with Him. The only thing we can do with our lives is work with the deficit, but we can never take care of the debt! God knows it and says, OK, I will take care of the debt so there will not be a deficit. Are we willing to accept the payment and be put in a relationship with Him?

So, to bring this full circle. When we have a relationship with the living God, we can live out the truth and not have our world messed up, twisted, frustrating and just not adding up.


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