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Will wonders ever cease?

March 21, 2015
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:

Will wonders ever cease? Those elected in 2014 to represent us in Congress promised to change a dysfunctional Congress. Recent actions within the hallowed halls indicate dysfunction is alive and well.
The trafficking of women, young girls, and children in America is an insidious, serious, moneymaking business. So, when our senator introduced a bill to address the issue, this old Democrat applauded. Then ideology reared its ugly head. An abortion amendment was added, rendering the bill DOA.
Another grave concern is Iran’s nuclear capacity. When a new, young senator, who hadn’t been there long enough to get his feet wet, wrote a personal letter to Iran, signed by 47 others, not only did he need a lesson in protocol, but it undermined our president’s effort to control Iran’s building of nuclear power. What is wrong trying to communicate with an enemy? How else is change and peace achieved? By useless wars? How easy it is to send someone else’s son or daughter to be cannon fodder. Until you have sent a loved one, served on the front line or in other service capacity, I personally feel understanding the full ramifications of war can be limited. Our sons returned by the grace of God, not the military, but not unscathed. Both have Agent Orange. Two military giants understood the reason for war, Dwight Eisenhower and Colin Powell. Much can be learned from their wisdom.
Too many politicians are in love with their voices, photo ops, microphones, ideologies, next elections, pensions and benefits. Ridding themselves of these dysfunctions, just maybe there could be more rational, mutually beneficial decisions made and less — as many national newspaper headlines read —  “stupidity and idiocy” in the hallowed halls of Congress.

Always hopeful,
Ione S. Burham