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Pond, park undergo renovation

Work continues on Foster Woods Pond

Sep 08, 2017
Landscaping work is continuing at Foster Woods in Wellman as a project is being done to completely renovate the pond in the park. An additional two feet of depth will be added to the pond and a parking lot will be installed. A walking track will also be added around the pond.

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


WELLMAN — While the Foster Woods project currently looks like a hole in the ground, over the next few months it will transform into an improved county lake for Washington County residents to use for recreation.

On Friday, Sept. 1, workers were busy with an end loader and dump truck, removing dirt from the site on Foster Woods Road to rebuild the lake. Washington County Conservation Director Steve Anderson said the pond has been drained. The plan is to raise the depth of the pond 2 feet, construct a parking lot, and construct space for a shelter in the rural park. The Washington County Conservation Board has approved a $51,000 contract with G & R Miller Construction for the work.

“It’s going well,” Anderson said. “I would say they are more than half done with moving the dirt on the pond construction part of it. They are going to build a couple of jetty’s.”

Conservation officials have said that the 1-acre pond would not be able to support aquatic life unless it received more sunlight and an increased air flow. Once the pond refills, the board will use a fish habitat grant to restock the pond.

The $60,000 renovation of the 9-acre park is scheduled to be a multiyear project. Several designs for a shelter house are being considered.

Anderson said the parking lot will be about 2 feet from the pond. He said the department is limited in the amount of space it has, which necessitated constructing the parking lot so close to the pond. He also said there will be a handicapped-accessible trail going all around the pond. Prairie grasses will be planted on the far side of the pond.

“Trying to get everything into this small of a spot is a bit of a challenge,” Anderson said.

The conservation department had been planning the overhaul of the pond for about two years. Last fall, the department got a fish habitat grant that is paying for 90 percent of the cost of the pond work.

As part of the design phase of the project, the department held several public meetings, including soliciting input from the people of Wellman on the project. Anderson was excited to say many people in Wellman had given input to the department. In the past, many people had told the conservation department something was needed on the northern side of the county.

“Everyone is excited about the project,” Anderson said. “This pond had a history of winter killing which made the whole system not very desirable and hopefully this project will fix that. It has better odds than anything we have ever done for fixing that problem.”

Anderson also said no property tax money was being used for the project. He said the fish habitat stamp grant paid for much of the project, along with self-generated revenue.

The project is expected to be done, before the fish stocking, sometime in the fall.

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