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You can best identify with a trapeze artist

By Pastor Jim Stiles, Washington United Methodist Church | May 17, 2013

At graduation time, you can best identify with a trapeze artist

Who knows he/she must let go of the one trapeze bar

If he/she is going to take hold of the next one.

So, like the trapeze artist, you too are discovering that

You must let go of that to which you have

Been tied if you are going to continue

To "graduate" through life.


To leave your friends, though, is to die a little,

But to stay is also to die. So it is that life calls us

To leave behind that which we have acquired

And acquire that which we do not possess.

As you swing through llfe and fly

From one trapeze bar to the next, life is both exciting and fun.

I trust that you will find this to be true.


P.S. May we all be willing to take a hold of the trapeze bar coming to us

and at the same time be willing to let go the trapeze bar we

have been holding on to.

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