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Young’s pay discussed

By Xiomara Levsen | Jan 07, 2014
Pictured from left are Riverside councilor Ralph Schnoebelen, Mayor Bill Poch, and newly elected councilor Tom Sexton. City administrator Rusty Rogerson swore them into office on Monday, Jan. 6, shortly before the city council meeting began.

RIVERSIDE—The city council held its first meeting in 2014 on Monday, Jan. 6.
Items regarding employee pay were discussed and several resolutions were passed.
At the beginning of the meeting a motion was made to increase deputy clerk Lory Young’s pay 50 cents each for two certificates she received in August. The pay increase would be retroactive from Aug. 1, 2013, to Dec. 31, 2013.
Councilor Nate Kasdorf asked what the certificates were for and if every city employee had a pay increase when he or she received certificates.
“This is the Municipal Clerk’s Institute that normally takes three years to receive your certificate, and Lory did it in one summer based on her education and experience,” said city administrator Rusty Rogerson.
Mayor Bill Poch said the city has always paid employees when they met the requirements for their job by obtaining certificates.
Kasdorf argued that the city’s municipal employees have to go to school to qualify for their job and the city shouldn’t increase Young’s pay because she wasn’t required to do it for her job.
Councilor Ralph Schnoebelen said the city should encourage city employees to seek higher education for their position. He said her pay should increase because with her two certificates she could do more for the city.
“And she also came to us with seven years of experience in city government as well,” said councilor Bob Schneider Jr.
Councilor Chris Kirkwood asked why the issue of paying Young for her certificates has come up again because the previous council had voted it down before.
“This is a totally different resolution,” Rogerson said. “I spoke with Mr. Sueppel [William J. Sueppel, the city attorney] today. When this was initially presented to you I thought she deserved a dollar for each. I went back, did research, saw what everyone else had been paid over the years. You have Kevin Engel; he has received seven bumps in pay because of completing education that we’ve required him to go to.”
Kasdorf said he didn’t approve for Young to go to the training, but Poch reminded him that the council did approve for her to attend those trainings.
Kirkwood said this was an example of why the handbook needed to be reviewed for each position. She said the handbook needed to state what is required to qualify for the job and what training the city will pay for and whether it should be equal to a raise or not.
Rogerson agreed with Kirkwood. He said he also gave the council past practices of what has been done.
Poch called for a vote on the motion. The motion passed. Kirkwood and Kasdorf voted no.
The topic of increasing Young’s pay after the probationary time period of six months and a year came up also. Rogerson said the council had not done Young’s reviews yet. He recommended Young receive a pay increase of $3 for finishing her probationary time period and her year anniversary with the city.
Schnoebelen suggested the council review Young’s job description and appoint her as city clerk.
Kirkwood said there could only be one city clerk, and the job descriptions in the handbook would have to be reviewed before changes to employee positions were made.
Schneider agreed about the employee handbook needing to be reviewed. He also said with the $3 increase Young would still be within the pay range other deputy clerks across the state make.
The motion was passed to increase Young’s pay $3 an hour. Kirkwood and Kasdorf voted no.
Other items covered at the city council included:
passing a resolution to pay Young for 84 hours of vacation time she didn’t use. Kasdorf and Kirkwood voted no. They both said the offer to Young for 40 hours of vacation time, and additional sick leave wasn’t discussed with the council correctly. Rogerson said the council gave him the authority to offer the package to her this way.
asking for reviewing the employee handbook and job descriptions to be on the next agenda;
passing a resolution appointing William J. Sueppel as the city attorney;
approving the contract with the Kalona Public Library for $18,370.50 from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015
approving health insurance through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, dental insurance through Delta Dental, and disability, life, and death insurance through Lincoln Financial;
authorizing the county auditor to attach an unpaid water bill of $1,828.81 from 191 West First Street to the property taxes;
appointing Rogerson as the record custodian;
and approved deposits of $4 million at People’s Trust & Savings Bank in Riverside and $1 million at Hills Bank in Hills.
The next city council meeting will be held Monday, Jan. 20 at 6:30 p.m.

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